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Building Relationships Between Sales and Finance

Strengthening the relationship between finance and sales is essential to foster a better working environment. Our guide can help you build a better relationship between Finance and Sales.

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Thinking of Trading Internationally?

With an increasing number of US companies considering trading overseas, it’s important to protect your business by minimizing the exposure to risk when trading internationally.

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Building Credit Information into the DNA of Your Organization

The advantages to finance departments having quick and easy access to credit ratings and reports are clear; but how can different departments beyond finance use credit information effectively?

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Improve Cash Flow and Minimize Bad Debt

Every company relies on prompt payment from their customers to ensure a reliable cash flow. So what methods can you use to ensure you get paid on time for your products or services?

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Find New Customers and Grow Your Business with Minimum Risk

Generating new business can become quite a daunting experience. Since every company relies on growth to survive, what methods can you use to help generate qualified leads?

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Creditsafe vs The Industry

If you've ever wondered what makes Creditsafe so unique, how it revolutionized the industry, and why it’s the most used provider of business information in the world, here's how...

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How Sharing Your Trade Payment Data Helps Your Customers

Sometimes businesses are reluctant to share their trade file with a credit bureau because they don’t want to negatively affect their customers' credit score which could affect their ability to receive credit. So how does sharing your trade payment data help your customers?

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5 Tips for How You Can Use Forecasting Effectively

There is so much financial data released each month and with most of it giving a broad picture of the economy, forecasting can be increasingly difficult. What have you done to forecast the future of your company and industry?

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Business Credit Reports

Unfortunately, there are many business credit report providers out there and each have their strengths and weakness; so how do you decide which provider is best for you?

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The Best Way to Improve Your Collection Efforts

How does one differentiate the customers that are going to pay on time and those that have no intent to pay at all? What real consequences are there for a business that purchases on terms but doesn't pay its obligations on time or at all?

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Business Credit Reports: Why Use Them?

There are some easy ways to make running a business more profitable. Nothing provides a business owner with more accurate information than the credit reports of customers, competitors and suppliers.

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