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3D Ledger is moving to the next level...

3D Ledger is moving to the next level...

Trade Payment

Share your data to improve payments and reveal poor payers.

Creditsafe USA Trade Payment Data Program

All the latest updates of the new International 3D Ledger:

New look and layout

Improved, user friendly layout with a new rating dashboard and mini-reports makes the new 3D even easier to navigate and utilize the information within it's reports.

The new dashboard also displays your top 10 customers by value so you wont miss out on any important aspects of information surrounding your biggest customers.


View your entire ledger

Access your entire ledgers Credit ratings and DBT to identify the areas you need to focus on.

Easier access to all debtors and better visibility of duplicate debtors.

Super user and basic user settings

Super users can now specify how much access basic users have, so you can decide who can see specific ledgers.

Super users can also determine the currency settings so that ledgers can be viewed and compared in different currencies or a single currency for a more comparative view.


Analytical preference options

All analytical tables can be viewed as a value or percentage for comparative analysis.

Selectable 1-100 or A-E ratings for comparing international companies from different countries



International Scale

International debtor data can now be matched and accessed to compare your ledger across multiple countries in Europe and North America.

You can analyze your entire ledger as a whole or by individual country to locate the parts of your ledger that needs the most attention.



See the whole picture, reveal hidden linkages and get global information from our unique cross-referenced databases.

International Business Credit Reports from Creditsafe

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