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Creditsafe and C6 Team Up for Business Compliance Offering

 Creditsafe and C6 Team Up for Business Compliance Offering

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New Comprehensive Compliance Tool Offers Access to Detailed Background Intelligence and Compliance Information

Creditsafe USA today announced today it is teaming up with C6 Intelligence Systems to make due diligence and regulatory compliance easier and more cost effective.

Creditsafe's new Compliance Search Tool, powered by C6, is a robust, easily navigable platform that allows businesses to conduct due diligence on potential customers, suppliers and employees. By tapping into tens of thousands of different data sources, it can help identify individuals who are considered to be a politically exposed person (PEPs) or on a Sanction or Watch List like OFAC. In addition, the product provides companies with vital intelligence to help them with compliance regulations.

"Having an accurate picture of those with whom you are about to conduct business, is more important than ever," said Matthew Debbage, CEO of Creditsafe USA and Asia.  "Our Compliance Search and Monitor product truly empowers users to gather all of the available data on an individual or Company enabling them to make a quick, informed decision. This same product also helps companies stay abreast of new and ever changing business regulations. We are seeing an increasing amount of US businesses falling short of regulatory compliance requirements.  Investing in an accurate, robust compliance tool should be a top priority for any organization regardless of size or industry."

Creditsafe's Compliance Search makes for easier on-boarding of new and existing customers by utilizing screening checks for both businesses and individuals to meet regulatory requirements.  This covers all bases from credit risk to money laundering for the entire life cycle of your client. With the ability to add each entity or individual to the compliance monitoring tool, ongoing screening is possible for the entire life cycle of the client. This will reduce the threat of possible fines, and cut audit and on-boarding times.

According to Darren Innes CEO of C6 Intelligence systems: "For many years, compliance screening in the US has been provided by a small number of large businesses.  In our view, compliance should be cost effective for all organizations, regardless of their size or industry. With in-depth, up-to-date data, an easily navigable platform, and affordable pricing, we anticipate the partnership between Creditsafe and C6 will have a significant impact on the US compliance market."

"This partnership with the C6 Group gives Creditsafe a strategic edge relative to others in the US arena.  In the field of data intelligence, C6 provides unique, actionable data that helps businesses all over the world manage risk. Today, there is no other provider in the marketplace with such a unique end-to-end solution as Creditsafe," said Debbage. 

Free Report

Get a free report on any business. No cost No obligation.

Get a free business credit report online from Creditsafe

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