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Debt Collection Services

Debt Collection Services

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Chasing businesses can be a very time consuming process and here at Creditsafe we're here to help!

Creditsafe USA currently partner with iQor Commercial Services formerly Receivable Management Services (RMS) and Tucker, Albin & Associates. As the customer you will have a choice of which organization you would like to work with in recovering your debt.


iQor is a recognized leader in OTC Business Process Outsourcing including first party receivables management, invoicing, cash application, and credit card chargeback processing, as well as receivable recovery through third party andattorney collections, and bankruptcy services.


Tucker, Albin & Associates (TAA), an Inc. 500 fastest growing company based in Dallas, TX is a leading Accounts Receivable Management firm. Specializing in commercial collections, pre-collections, 1st party outsourcing and litigation services, TAA has quickly grown to one of the top 10 full service ARM firms in the industry.


How does Debt Collection work?

Simply search for the company that owes you money in the Creditsafe system, enter the invoice details and which organization you would like to use. Tucker, Albin & Associates or iQor will then use their wealth of experience and industry knowledge to try and collect your invoice for you.

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